Beijing and the Great Wall Part 2

Thursday – 12 December 2019 Flag Raising Ceremony, Tiananmen Square & the Forbidden Palace Museum Fast forward a couple of days, and I had to honor my pledge and wake up at 3:30am to be at Tiananmen Square for the flag raising ceremony. I honored it. It was well worth it. Together with the GreatContinue reading “Beijing and the Great Wall Part 2”

Beijing and the Great Wall Part 1

Monday – 9 December 2019 The Great Wall is Great Indeed! I had been wanting to visit the Great Wall and Tiananmen Square* since arriving in China, so I was fortunate to have the opportunity to go to Beijing for an exhibition in early December 2019.  Having spent two-and-a-half years in Guangzhou, all the wayContinue reading “Beijing and the Great Wall Part 1”

The Birding Trip that Never Was

Except for the odd hike in the local park (Dafushan) and some very casual birding around the estate gardens, I can’t say I have done any real birding since arriving in China.  The Chinese New Year holiday presented me with the perfect opportunity to get out of Guangzhou, and head to one of China’s premiumContinue reading “The Birding Trip that Never Was”

Are you in Lockdown?

19 March 2020 I have been asked this question a few times: Are you in lockdown? *. Interestingly I have been asked the question more than once, more than twice, sometimes even three, or four times, by different people on the same WhatsApp group. Yes, its true, people skip messages, and it should be aContinue reading “Are you in Lockdown?”

Captain’s Log Day 50

Thursday, 12 March 2020 Captain’s Log Day 50 of CoViD-19 EpidemicClifford Estate, Panyu. Is it day 50 or 51 of the epidemic? Did I miss the CoViD-19 half century?Unusual for a cricket fan not to raise his bat, and acknowledge the crowd when the opportunity presents itself!* So things are returning to normal**, or so it wouldContinue reading “Captain’s Log Day 50”

GZ vs. Jozi Birds!

Friday 6 March 2020, I have not spent nearly as much time birding our adopted home of Guangzhou (GZ for short) as I would like. Do I need to say it?…. So many birds, so little time! I have heard that there are some really good spots in Guangdong Province: I have only recently learntContinue reading “GZ vs. Jozi Birds!”

Captain’s Log Day 38

Saturday, 29th February 2020 (a bonus day!) Captain’s Log Day 38* of CoViD-19 EpidemicPanyu. Day 38! Day 38! Means you haven’t heard from me since Day 30. 😱But it’s okay, don’t worry, we are still safe, thanks for asking 😜** Iran 🇮🇷 and Italy 🇮🇹 appear less safe since the last update. Interesting that both countryContinue reading “Captain’s Log Day 38”

A Silver Lining to this Playbook

Tuesday, 25th February 2020. It was officially announced that China will be “thoroughly banning illegal wildlife trade”. Things have been pretty surreal in Guangzhou with the coronavirus, and this is great news in the wake of the outbreak. Sadly, on the same day this was announced there was a headline that “Global Stock Markets Plunge[d]”!Continue reading “A Silver Lining to this Playbook”

Back to Work Rat-a-tat-tat!

Monday, 24th February 2020. We had all been asked to be back AT work starting Monday 24th February! No more working from home! No more slacking off at home!Time to wash our hands, put on our masks, get our temperature checked, and get back to work! So in true Chinese “Return to Work” and NewContinue reading “Back to Work Rat-a-tat-tat!”

Birding on the Day the World Ends!

Experienced 12 December 2012 This was a lone birding excursion to Tswaing Meteorite Impact Crater, north west of Tshwane, South Africa. I can’t really remember why I chose this particular site, on this particular day, but I was off work, I had the time, and was just getting into birding seriously at the time. ItContinue reading “Birding on the Day the World Ends!”