Never Give Away Your Position

Experienced: Saturday 11th January 2020. Kids birthday parties. Always fun. But mostly fun for the kids. The parents usually hang about, have a drink and make small talk.How’s work?How was the week?Where you going for Chinese New Year? You know, the usual chit-chat. This particular 6-year-old boy’s birthday party was held at the Clifford barbecueContinue reading “Never Give Away Your Position”

Why the Title: Birding with Kids?

26 November 2019 I love birding and I love my kids, but as a hobby, birding is almost completely incompatible with young kids. Birding requires very early mornings, long drives, and lots, and lots of patience. When birding I spend a lot of time listening out for bird calls, standing still, and just staring atContinue reading “Why the Title: Birding with Kids?”