Beijing and the Great Wall Part 3

22-24 December 2019 Back to Beijing with the Kids! Returning to Beijing two weeks later with the family was pretty special. We followed almost exactly the same itinerary as I had done two weeks earlier (except of course we skipped the work exhibition!). Two nights. Great Wall one day, Forbidden Palace & Tiananmen Square theContinue reading “Beijing and the Great Wall Part 3”

Beijing and the Great Wall Part 2

Thursday – 12 December 2019 Flag Raising Ceremony, Tiananmen Square & the Forbidden Palace Museum Fast forward a couple of days, and I had to honor my pledge and wake up at 3:30am to be at Tiananmen Square for the flag raising ceremony. I honored it. It was well worth it. Together with the GreatContinue reading “Beijing and the Great Wall Part 2”