Never Give Away Your Position

Experienced: Saturday 11th January 2020. Kids birthday parties. Always fun. But mostly fun for the kids. The parents usually hang about, have a drink and make small talk.How’s work?How was the week?Where you going for Chinese New Year? You know, the usual chit-chat. This particular 6-year-old boy’s birthday party was held at the Clifford barbecueContinue reading “Never Give Away Your Position”

Captain’s Log Day 38

Saturday, 29th February 2020 (a bonus day!) Captain’s Log Day 38* of CoViD-19 EpidemicPanyu. Day 38! Day 38! Means you haven’t heard from me since Day 30. 😱But it’s okay, don’t worry, we are still safe, thanks for asking 😜** Iran 🇮🇷 and Italy 🇮🇹 appear less safe since the last update. Interesting that both countryContinue reading “Captain’s Log Day 38”

Why the Title: Birding with Kids?

26 November 2019 I love birding and I love my kids, but as a hobby, birding is almost completely incompatible with young kids. Birding requires very early mornings, long drives, and lots, and lots of patience. When birding I spend a lot of time listening out for bird calls, standing still, and just staring atContinue reading “Why the Title: Birding with Kids?”