What is the Memeing of CoVID

1 June 2020 I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks. At a loss for ideas here is a collection of some of the better COVID memes. From the start the Coronavirus has inspired a number of viral memes*. The first round of memes referenced the obvious Corona Beer: Then came the references to China:Continue reading “What is the Memeing of CoVID”

Captain’s Log – Day 30

Friday, 21 February, 2020General Ship’s Dog’s Body Log┬áDay 30 of CoViD-19 EpidemicUnited Expatriot Republic of Panyu. PRC. After a week of cold, wind, rain and damp; and a general sense of doom, gloom and the approach of the 4 riders of the apocalypse, we have had 3 stonkingly beautiful days of sunshine and fresh air! Continue reading “Captain’s Log – Day 30”